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The Paracord Key Fob

The Paracord Key Fob

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Sometimes you are working on a project and just need to step away from it for a minute. But then you remember, that if you aren't making something, you aren't making money. So you find new ways to add to the product mix that are almost meditative, you know, so it still feels like a break from a frustrating project. These paracord key fobs are a result of this. Yep, I braid each of these by hand and I enjoy it. Plus they add a sense of outdoorsy cool when attached to the keys of your favorite Defender, Jeep or adventure motorcycle. And I bet they would do the same for the key to your shed, house, bike lock, etc.

Fob measures around 3.5" long -- but they are made by hand, so will vary a bit.

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