Time to Take Stock

Time to Take Stock

As I wrote the title of this post, I very unintentionally let out a deep breath. The summer season of shows is very much underway and I am just on the other side of four consecutive weekends of art markets/fairs/open studios. I sold a few things, talked to a lot of different people and only once did I hear someone tell their friend that you can get something like that for much cheaper on Amazon -- that moment also required a deep breath or two.

Now it's time to unpack the travel bins and assess some merchandising strategies before a June filled with shows. And I suppose I should probably look into a tent repair or two (at least I hope it just requires a repair). If we crossed paths in the last month and you are regretting not making a purchase of _________, don't hesitate to shoot me an email and we'll get you squared away. 



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